Underground Utility Work

At Cedar Creek, we understand the critical role that underground utilities play in maintaining modern infrastructure. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering top-tier services, including trenching, vacuum truck operations, directional drilling, Rule 20 compliance for residential and commercial projects, and primary and secondary enclosures. With a focus on precision, safety, and regulatory compliance, we are your trusted partner for all your Underground Utility needs in California and Nevada. Explore our services and discover how Cedar Creek can provide efficient, reliable, and quality solutions to meet your utility infrastructure requirements.


Cedar Creek excels in trenching, providing efficient excavation services for underground utilities, ensuring precision and accuracy in installations.

Vacuum Truck Services

Our vacuum truck services offer thorough cleanup and debris removal, ensuring a clean and safe work environment during utility projects.

Directional Drilling

Cedar Creek specializes in directional drilling, enabling precise and minimally disruptive underground utility installations, ideal for challenging terrains.

Rule 20 Compliance:

We handle Rule 20 compliance for both residential and commercial underground utility projects, ensuring adherence to regulations and delivering high-quality results.

Primary and Secondary Enclosures

Cedar Creek offers primary and secondary enclosures, providing comprehensive solutions to protect and organize underground utility infrastructure efficiently.

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