Eco Matting

New or difficult-to-access terrain has the potential to cause delays, higher costs, and even major injury or death to heavy equipment operators. These areas require stable footing for pieces of construction equipment and a solid route on which to maneuver vehicles. Regardless of size and scope of a job, Cedar Creek Corporation in Anderson, California, is prepared to supply your company with the matting installation best-suited to your needs.

Trusted Support

Any surface to which a large amount of consistent weight will be applied needs to be properly assessed and accounted for before the work begins. For example, creating a stable foundation for the outriggers of a crane weighing up to 50 tons is a safety precaution that must be taken.

At Cedar Creek, we know how important it is that cranes, landing pads, roads, and utility pole sites have a solid foundation. Our experienced team assists clients with installing just the right matting for their specific needs. Based on the details you give us, we will determine the appropriate size, material, and type of matting for your intended use.

Eco Matting

Every matting system we install will not only keep your employees and the public safe, they will also allow easy access to work sites in remote areas and make your construction equipment easier to position.

Industrial Value

The variety of materials which can be used in the production of matting systems allows contractors the opportunity to find just what is needed for any particular job.

From lightweight and easy-to-move composites to strong plank and steel pads our products make it possible for your operators to focus on the job at hand instead of worrying about the safety of the equipment.

Advancements in the production of matting systems have led to safer conditions, higher productivity, and lower replacement costs. At Cedar Creek, we are proud to see the positive financial impact that our products have on our clients’ businesses.

Customers can count on the matting installed by Cedar Creek Corporation in the Anderson, California, area. We also provide rock and foundation drilling, right of way access, and power line construction support.

Eco Matting

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