Fire & Storm Restoration

Facing the unpredictable challenges presented by fire and storm damage, Cedar Creek Corporation offers a range of specialized services to support restoration efforts. Our seasoned team utilizes a comprehensive approach, employing matting and flagging to navigate inaccessible terrains and create access points for equipment.

With the help of dozers, vacuum trucks, water trucks, and lay-down yard setup, we swiftly clear debris, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment for restoration teams. In areas where traditional vehicles may struggle to reach, Cedar Creek deploys inaccessible bucket and line truck track machines, along with inaccessible water trucks, to access hard-to-reach locations. We understand the urgency and importance of fire and storm restoration, and we are dedicated to providing solid support for these critical efforts.


  • Matting
  • Flagging
  • Dozers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Lay down yard setup
  • Inaccessible bucket & line truck track machines
  • Inaccessible water trucks
Storm Damage Restoration

Restoration in Challenging Terrains

Fire and storm damage often strike in remote or challenging terrains, presenting accessibility obstacles that require experienced solutions. Cedar Creek specializes in addressing such challenges to ensure timely and effective restoration. Whether it's navigating through dense vegetation, rugged landscapes, or hard-to-reach areas, our team uses matting, flagging, and specialized equipment like inaccessible bucket and line truck track machines, along with inaccessible water trucks, to provide access where it's needed most. We are committed to removing obstacles and creating a safe pathway for equipment and personnel, all while upholding safety standards and project success in fire and storm restoration efforts.

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