Foundation Drilling

Large construction projects need to be carefully analyzed and properly planned in order to reduce the risk of unnecessary and increased costs. Whether your project consists of a large load building, poor surface soil, or it lies within tight property lines, the team at Cedar Creek Corporation, offers foundation drilling to companies in California.

Accurate Analysis

Beginning with a series of tests to determine the properties of the soil and obtain other geological information, Cedar Creek is careful to thoroughly examine the scope of each foundation drilling job for which we are hired.

From these tests we will accurately pinpoint which type of foundation will be needed for your proposed structure. The site specific information we receive allows us to employ the techniques best-suited to your project.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our findings, recommendations, and completed work. We guarantee that the size, quantity, and details of the piles we recommend will be correct and our experienced team will see to it that your foundation is exactly what you need.

Foundation Drilling

Specialized Solutions

Determining the right type of foundation is just the first step to constructing a solid footing for your large building project. Fortunately, the expertise of Cedar Creek makes us the premier choice for not just making these determinations, but for carrying them out as well.

Our technicians possess the knowledge and skills to perform the work using top-of-the-line equipment capable of handling any job. We accurately match our skills and equipment to the specific details of each job.

We have experience working with all available foundation materials and specialize in tubular steel pole and lattice steel structures. We also stay up-to-date on the latest foundation drilling techniques.

Cedar Creek Corporation is committed to providing our California area clients the safest, most affordable and reliable foundation drilling services available. We are also available to assist with heavy equipment matting, power line construction, and right of way access.

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