Limited Access Power Line Maintenance

In order to keep up with the quickly-rising population, new utility lines are being erected every day. This increase in construction is in addition to the maintenance already required to keep existing equipment running as it should. For this reason, the team at Cedar Creek Corporation provides its highly experienced power line construction support to the California, area.

Solid Support

Transmission lines run through some very remote and hard to access terrain. Even the steel poles used in urban areas can pose accessibility issues. The construction and maintenance of these important structures depends on a utility company’s ability to easily gain access to a particular site. In order to make way for equipment and personnel, Cedar Creek will enter the area and remove any trees, shrubbery, or other obstacles from the transmission corridor. We take every precaution to ensure the safety and success of every project for which we are hired.

Helicopter Power Poll Install
Power Poll Install
Power Poll Install
Power Poll Install

Confident Construction

At Cedar Creek, we pride ourselves on providing nothing short of the most reliable power line construction support in the industry. Our team has access to support matting for equipment stabilization as well as transportation. We will safely remove and dispose of old utility structures when necessary and supply new tubular steel pole (TSP) & lattice-style steel structures for use in the construction of new utility lines and towers. All of our products and services are designed to surpass industry standards for safety and reliability.

Here at Cedar Creek Corporation, we pride ourselves in providing premier power line construction support services in the California area. In addition, our full-service team is available to assist with foundation drilling, direct in-bed drilling, and right of way access.

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